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Connecting forestry and agricultural MSMEs to sustainable finance and investment

Shifting forestry and agricultural production models to be more sustainable and cause less deforestation will require the active engagement of a wide range of stakeholders. Forestry and agricultural MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) are the backbone of forestry and farming systems. Financial institutions can accelerate their transition towards sustainability by making funding available for production and business model transition. LandFinanceHub facilitates forestry and agricultural MSMEs to access finance and investment.

Project list

Pengembangan usaha mebel

15 September 2023
MSME: Rudy Usaha Maju
Sector: Manufacturing
Product: Furniture manufacturer
Country: Indonesia

Wood factory expansion

25 August 2023
Sector: Manufacturing
Product: Timber
Country: Indonesia

Mahesa project

2 August 2023
MSME: Mahesa farm
Sector: Agriculture
Product: Avocado
Country: Indonesia

ID BOTANI (Online Cooperative for Agriculture Products)

5 July 2023
MSME: PT Mina Akuatik Nusantara
Sector: -
Product: Online
Country: Indonesia

Learn forest and farm-based business

Gender and Social Inclusion

Emily Gallagher

Land Finance Hub Training for Investors and MSMEs about Gender and Social Inclusion ...

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Guideline to Navigate and Register in The Land Finance Hub

Dyah Puspitaloka, D. Andrew Wardell, Rudy Tomasoa, Mahesa Elba, Yahya Sampurna, Michael A. Brady

Guideline On Obtaining Financing For MSME

D. Andrew Wardell, Rudy Tomasoa


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