Guideline to Navigate and Register in The Land Finance Hub

Author: Dyah Puspitaloka, D. Andrew Wardell, Rudy Tomasoa, Mahesa Elba, Yahya Sampurna, Michael A. Brady
Published year: 2023
Category: Guidelines & Toolkits
Abstract: The Land Finance Hub is a learning hub for knowledge products and tools, capacity development and a collaborative platform. The Hub aims to connect agriculture and forestry-based MSMEs with investor and financial institutions. It is intended to showcase MSMEs profiles and financing projects, advance MSMEs capacity and access to information and knowledge products on green finance and business. The Hub development is made possible through the Green Finance for Sustainable Landscapes (GF4SL) project where CIFOR is an implementing partner. The project and the Hub seek to address barriers to sustainable financing and support sustainability transitioning of commodity production and land use.