Welcome to the LandFinanceHub!

Below is the diagram that explains the process flow if you wish to join the LandFinanceHub.

First, you need to register to become a member and select whether you are an MSME or Financier (A)

After registering membership, if you are an MSME, you also need to register your project and upload your project data (B)

If you are a Financier, you could initiate a connection with an MSME that you are particularly interested in by clicking “Request for connection”. Once the MSME accepts your “Request for connection” then both the Financier and MSME can explore further the possibility of financing the project. (C)

LandFinanceHub also provides other supports, such as various publications (under Toolkits) that might be useful for you, and you could also request training (under Support Mechanism) that you need.

We hope that you will find LandFinanceHub useful. If you have any suggestions for our improvement, please share with us by filling in this form.

If you have any technical issues or difficulties in following the process above, please feel free to contact our technical support team at supports@landfinancehub.org.