Profile of PT Mina Akuatik Nusantara

PT Mina Akuatik Nusantara is a fishery enterprise based in Cibalok, Tajur, Bogor. Our enterprise was established in 2017 with a focus on supplying, producing, collecting, selling, transporting, and exporting educating ornamental fish, ornamental shrimp, ornamental crabs, and aquatic plants. We have obtained Limited Liability Company Legality and NIB (Business Identification Number, Indonesian Ministry of Investment). Our commitment to sustainability is shown by the Health Certificate of Ornamental Fish from the Soekarno Hatta Fisheries Quarantine Center. Our enterprise has a total of 5 employees of which the managers and finance are women. Our ornamental fish is sourced from fish farmers who have established breeding farms in Bogor, Bekasi, Sawangan, Bandung, and East Java for goldfish and koi including Sawangan rural area society in operating breeding. Our community engagement activities include export training and cultivating training such as breeding injection of fish. We have total assets of IDR 300 million and average annual sales of IDR 2.1 billion in the last three years. We are looking for any Sharia scheme and local investors to collaborate on our business project on ID Botani development.

More details

  • Sectors: agriculture
  • Products: other
  • Affiliation to local organizations and associations: ABC (Scholar Business Alumni) of IPB HA IPB (IPB Alumni Association)
  • Organization countries: Indonesia
  • Management quality certification: Available
  • Legality certification: Available
  • Sustainability certification for commodities: Not available
  • Other certifications: NIB (Business Identification Number, Indonesian Ministry of Investment)
  • Involve deforestation in the production of a forestry or agricultural commodity: Yes
  • Involve exploitation of child labor, local communities, or small-scale growers, in the production of a forestry or agricultural commodity: No
Gender role
  • What is the role of women in your MSME: Management
  • Other women roles: Finance

PT Mina Akuatik Nusantara's projects

ID BOTANI (Online Cooperative for Agriculture Products)

5 July 2023
MSME: PT Mina Akuatik Nusantara
Sector: -
Product: Online
Country: Indonesia