Profile of mili Art

mili Art is a craft enterprise based in Pasuruan. Our enterprise was established in 2021 with a focus on producing and selling woodcrafts. Our enterprise has a total of 3 employees and our woods are sourced from local farmers in East Java. We have a total asset of IDR 300 million and average annual sales of IDR 25 million in the recent three years. We are looking for any scheme of investments to fund our business project on the purcahse of machines and CNC engravers.

More details

  • Sectors: forestry
  • Products: wood
  • Affiliation to local organizations and associations: Formekers (Furniture Crafts and Arts Forum)
  • Organization countries: Indonesia
  • Management quality certification: Not available
  • Legality certification: Not available
  • Sustainability certification for commodities: Not available
  • Other certifications: -
  • Involve deforestation in the production of a forestry or agricultural commodity: No
  • Involve exploitation of child labor, local communities, or small-scale growers, in the production of a forestry or agricultural commodity: No
Gender role
  • What is the role of women in your MSME: -
  • Other women roles: -

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11 November 2022
MSME: mili Art
Sector: Forestry
Product: Wood
Country: Indonesia