Profile of PT. Nectars Natura Karya

PT. Nectars Natura Karya is a company engaged in the production, trading, distribution and retail networks for health products, more specifically in skin care. Although we work while building and developing the natural and organic-based skin and body health care industry, our work is not just a manufacturing product that only promotes efficiency. Every product that we create, always involves art, ideas, precision, and curation starting from the selection of high-quality raw materials starting from the hands of the farmers in maintaining and processing them. The exclusivity of this authentic product formula and simplicity is a luxury in today's era that is no longer attached to a product price. So that the benefits and sensations can be felt for themselves for long-term health. When we use personal care or skincare to care for the health of your skin and body, which are natural and organic products, we should be proud. Plant based skincare has a very valuable effort in getting it, unlike industrial products that are commonly circulated in the conventional market, which contain a lot of synthetic chemicals or drugs that are easily produced and pose a risk to the health of the skin and body in the long term.

More details

  • Sectors: manufacturing
  • Products: other
  • Affiliation to local organizations and associations: Martani Pangan Sehat, Koperasi Serikat Petani Indonesia (KSPI) Bogor, Koalisi Rakyat untuk Kedaulatan Pangan (KRKP)
  • Organization countries: Indonesia
  • Management quality certification: Available
  • Legality certification: Available
  • Sustainability certification for commodities: Not available
  • Other certifications: Sertifikat Cara Pembuatan Kosmetika yang Baik (CPKB) yang tidak jauh berbeda dengan ISO 90001, namun dikhususkan dalam industri kosmetika.
  • Involve deforestation in the production of a forestry or agricultural commodity: No
  • Involve exploitation of child labor, local communities, or small-scale growers, in the production of a forestry or agricultural commodity: No
Gender role
  • What is the role of women in your MSME: Ownership, Management, Workers
  • Other women roles: CEO, Formulator (RnD), Apoteker (Penanggung Jawab Produksi), Kepala Bagian Pengawasan Mutu, Kepala Bagian Produksi semua posisi ini diisi oleh perempuan

PT. Nectars Natura Karya's projects

Scale Up: Natural-Organic Skincare Products Plant Based from Local Biodiversity

10 May 2023
MSME: PT. Nectars Natura Karya
Sector: -
Product: Skincare dan Kosmetika
Country: Indonesia