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Dapurmempura is an agriculture business type with focus on producing traditional Malay food, one of which is kemojo cake using pandan leaves and suji leaves as natural ingredients and natural dyes which are harvested from our own plantations.

More details

  • Sectors: agriculture
  • Products: other
  • Affiliation to local organizations and associations:
  • Organization countries: Indonesia
  • Management quality certification: Not available
  • Legality certification: Not available
  • Sustainability certification for commodities: Not available
  • Other certifications: Belum
  • Involve deforestation in the production of a forestry or agricultural commodity: No
  • Involve exploitation of child labor, local communities, or small-scale growers, in the production of a forestry or agricultural commodity: Yes
Gender role
  • What is the role of women in your MSME: Ownership, Workers
  • Other women roles: Membantu proses produksi

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Pengolahan makanan tradisional melayu

26 January 2023
MSME: Dapurmempura
Sector: -
Product: Bolu kemojo
Country: Indonesia