The Landscape Assessment of Financial Flows a Methodology

Author: Tropenbos International and EcoAgriculture Partners
Published year: 2019
Category: Guidelines & Toolkits

Collaborative landscape initiatives have demonstrated enormous potential to mobilize stakeholders across sectors, supporting them to work together toward shared objectives of landscape regenera- tion that meets a wide range of human needs, economic goals and ecosystem objectives. A series of surveys has documented 428 such initiatives in sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, South and Southeast Asia, and Europe (Milder et al. 2014; Estrada-Carmona et al. 2014; Zanzanaini

et al. 2017; García-Martín et al. 2016). However, implementing these partnerships is challenging. Perspectives, values and ways of working differ greatly among partners; in many cases there is a legacy of misunderstanding and distrust. Explicit strategies and tools are needed to overcome the resulting tendency for stalemate and conflict.