Use common business tools and technology: Trainee Manual

Author: William Angliss Institute
Published year: 2012
Category: Guidelines & Toolkits

Congratulations on joining this course. This Trainee Manual is one part of a „toolbox‟ which is a resource provided to trainees, trainers and assessors to help you become competent in various areas of your work.

The „toolbox‟ consists of three elements:

A Trainee Manual for you to read and study at home or in class

A Trainer Guide with Power Point slides to help your Trainer explain the content of the training material and provide class activities to help with practice

An Assessment Manual which provides your Assessor with oral and written questions and other assessment tasks to establish whether or not you have achieved competency.

The first thing you may notice is that this training program and the information you find in the Trainee Manual seems different to the textbooks you have used previously. This is because the method of instruction and examination is different. The method used is called Competency based training (CBT) and Competency based assessment (CBA). CBT and CBA is the training and assessment system chosen by ASEAN (Association of South- East Asian Nations) to train people to work in the tourism and hospitality industry throughout all the ASEAN member states.