Sustainable Sourcing Guideline

Author: WWF Indonesia & Indonesia Business Council for Sustainable Development
Published year: 2020
Category: Guidelines & Toolkits

Sustainable sourcing is a terminology regarding the mechanism of procuring a product in a supply chain by emphasizing the importance of three main aspects, namely society, the environment, and profit. All of us, including producers, retailers and consumers, are encouraged to collaborate and implement the principles of sustainable consumption and production. The trend towards sustainability strongly influences the operations of industries, and it is no longer just a ‘nice to have’ for a company, but also a point that can add value to consumers and differentiate the company against its competitors. Therefore, companies are encouraged to take concrete actions to meet the demand and develop policies that can increasingly support the sustainability efforts. On the other hand, the active role of other parties, such as the government and consumers, is also crucial as the cost aspect arising from the efforts should be shared responsibly.